“Tech Lancaster shortly Enrolling for further FREE Electech Skills Bootcamps with Guaranteed Job Interview”

Tech Lancaster is pleased to announce it has secured further funding to run its FREE groundbreaking intensive Skills Bootcamps in Electech – enrolment is open now !

Further electronics Skills Bootcamps will shortly be enrolling for the autumn of 2022.  This will feature again a blended online/offline intensive skills programme over the course of 12 weeks helping participants gain key skills in electech enabling them to quickly find new or improved technical and related careers in electronics and electech.  Those who complete the course are guaranteed an interview with a local employer.  This second bootcamp programme will also feature specialist modules in the Internet of Things (IoT), Power Electronics (PEMD), and Cyber with a hardware/electech focus.  

No previous experience is necessary but we are looking to find participants with a good technical or practical aptitude.  Our free courses are perfect for people who like problem solving, taking things apart and hopefully putting them back together again.  Tech Lancaster would especially like to reach people who have never considered a career in electronics as well as people already working in technical jobs that would like to upskill into a new area.  Thttps://www.tech-lancaster.org.uk/enrolo join you must live in Lancashire, be over 19+ (including those who are retired and looking for re-employment) and could commit to a 12 week programme with a minimum of 60 hours of flexible learning (including evenings).

To learn more and pre-register as a participant for a FREE space on our bootcamps please visit www.tech-lancaster.org.uk/enrol .

Councillor Tim Hamilton-Cox, Lancaster City Council cabinet member for sustainable economic prosperity, said: “Tech Lancaster is an exciting skills development opportunity for all, supported by highly innovative locally-based companies which can inspire and facilitate people to pursue rewarding careers.  

After the success of their first bootcamp, Tech Lancaster are continuing its groundbreaking work, leading the UK nationally in electronics training, with a special focus on green cleantech and power technologies – both of which are hugely important on the way to achieving net zero carbon emissions.

I have been very keen to support Tech Lancaster from the start: building a high-skill economy in key high growth areas is vital to boost inward investment, well paid job creation and sustainable economic recovery in the area.”

Craig Smith, MD of Lancaster-based Mazuma Mobile, said: “Electech skills are key to our business success, and we are very excited about the prospect of this new Tech Lancaster bootcamp.  It will provide opportunities for people in Lancashire to get a foothold in the industry by gaining valuable skills for free.”  

Our electronics repair teams require specialist practical abilities to help repair and refurbish consumer electronics and we are confident Tech Lancaster can help meet our recruitment needs as we expand in the coming months.”

Tech Lancaster was created in 2020 to tackle a shortage of technicians and engineers in the electronics/electech sector around the Lancaster district.  It brought together a number of local companies to understand their skills needs, and won the opportunity to lead the way nationally as part of a UK Government skills bootcamps pilot programme –  a new way of intensive learning in priority sectors across the UK.  Our latest Skills Bootcamps have been developed in conjunction with some of the most innovative businesses in our area including LiNa Energy, NanoSUN, Entrust Microgrid, Mazuma Mobile, NHT Electronics and Milliamp Technologies and are supported by the Department of Education via Lancashire LEP.

The pilot Skills Bootcamp in Electech was a great success even with the challenge of undertaking it during the height of the covid pandemic and it facilitated over 40 people to change careers into the electronics sector or upskill in their current role. At the time, Tech Lancaster was the only electech focussed bootcamp and it continues to be the only true industry led, industry designed electech bootcamp organisation in the UK.  It helped lay the foundations for the formation of further industry collaborations such as the Electech Innovation Cluster which now has over 22 member companies.

Electronics and Electech today is largely part of our daily lives and career in this sector can be hugely rewarding. The wider Morecambe Bay area has a thriving electech sector, however is still struggling with a global skills gap and recruitment shortage which we are hoping to address with Tech Lancaster bootcamps.  Jobs in electech are engaging, well paid and secure and we hope to help more local people discover this hidden gem of an vitally important UK industry.
Skills Bootcamps are part of the Government’s Lifetime Skills Guarantee, helping everyone gain skills for life.  Skills Bootcamps are free, flexible courses of up to 12-16 weeks, giving people the opportunity to build up sector-specific skills and fast-track to a guaranteed interview with a local employer.  No prior experience or specific qualifications are required as entrants are all assessed on their own merit.  Enrolment will open on the 15th August and close on the 4th September 2022