Industry-Led Expertise

Tech Lancaster was formed as an industry-led training and skills organisation to ensure that we deliver training that is at the cutting edge of industry needs so that our participants can hit the ground running in new job roles.

We do this by working closely alongside supporter companies within the Electech sector who help us understand their workforce skill needs and we then devise appropriate programmes of training accordingly. Our team at Tech Lancaster also consists of technologists and engineers working at the cutting edge of technology development, so we have an expert understanding of the latest skills and know-how.

Local Learning with a National Focus

Tech Lancaster works with tech and electech companies across the length and breadth of the UK, and we use our industry insights and connections to understand in detail skills and employment opportunities across the United Kingdom.

Our Skills Bootcamps programmes are hybrid, with initial online learning activity followed by a geographically focused workshop/in-person led element close to regional Employer Supporters.

As Tech Lancaster has grown, so has our list of supporters, ranging from micro-SMEs to larger electech/technology design and manufacturing companies.

We also have a number of Industry Supporters who help us deliver our programmes, outreach and objectives regionally and nationally.

If you are an employer or are part of the tech industry and would like to support Tech Lancaster in some way please get in touch with us!