Our 12 week intensive “Bootcamp” format programmes combine online learning modules and physical lab-based workshops with industry experts or tutors, to give participants a real feel for potential career in our sector.

What will you Learn?

  • One evening workshop class per week from 6pm – 8.30pm covering electronics fundamentals for 8 / 12 weeks.
  • 5, 1 hour employability workshops spread through the course
  • Workshop sessions are accessed online via Google Classroom and recording will be accessible to candidates.
  • Practical sessions during week 9 through to 12 (to be taken in blocks, 1 day per week (7.5 hours) for 4 weeks or 1 full week Monday – Friday (40 hours) hosted at venues across England.  Online only sessions may be possible, people speak with us if travel is restrictive.
  • Provisional locations for practical sessions include Lancaster, Preston, Blackburn, Manchester, Birmingham, Luton, Reading and Southampton however these are subject to change depending on demand and other locations may be made available if there are high application numbers in that area.
  • Self study and work assignments to deepen understanding and build an engineer log book.
  • For more information please take a look at our Learn page for details about the courses.

What is a Skills Bootcamp?

Our 12 week intensive “Bootcamp” format programmes combine online learning modules and physical lab-based workshops with industry experts or tutors, to give participants a real feel for potential career in our sector.

Our Programmes are open to all ages and requires no pre-existing experience or specific qualifications unless otherwise specified. We also want to provide an easy route to entry-level careers in the electronics industry for those with no prior experience of the sector. All that is required is a practical can-do attitude, some previous technical experience and the willingness to learn. Our Bootcamps also complement traditional pathways such as apprenticeships, college or university courses which currently are missing some elements of learning specific to our sector.

On completing the free training course, our participants will be skill-ready for employment opportunities such as electronics production operatives, electronics technicians and electronics design engineers. Participants will gain confidence and achieve a globally recognised electronics industry certifications. An interview with a local employer may be offered upon course completion.

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Studying electronics with our skills programme

Tech Lancaster’s Electronic Skills Programme consists of two elements: online learning and practical laboratory and workshop based training. Let’s take a look at what is involved in detail below


Available Course Dates:

Lancashire – 11th September 2023 – enrolment open in July (Practical Locations to be announced)

National – 11th September 2023 – enrolment opens in July (Practical Locations to be announced)

Lancashire – January 2024 – enrolment opens November

National – January 2024 – enrolment opens November

ElecTech and Electronics – Online Courses

  • 8 weeks – self paced online course with tutor support
  • TL0 An introduction to Electronics, Electech and Industry
  • >>> Learn about electech, electronics and how industry works
  • TL1 Foundation Electronics
  • >>> Learn foundation electronics theory and practical application

Lab & Workshop based training

  • Various Workshops options held in our Lancaster Electech Training Centres or guest venues across the country
  • >>> Practical soldering and rework
  • >>> Electronics inspection
  • >>> Option to undertake globally recognised electronics industry IPC certification
  • Electronics Labs
  • >>> Basic circuit fundamentals with electronics kits and Arduinos
  • Bespoke workshops depending on candidates skill levels and interests
  • Lifeskills (virtual and in-person workshops)
  • >>> Industry Awareness and Career Development
  • >>> Presentation Skills
  • >>> Interview and CV skills

How long will it take to complete the Electronic Skills Programme?

The programme comprises online distance learning of 8 weeks followed by 4 weeks of lab/workshop based practical tuition. Students are required to commit to approximately 5 – 10 hours of learning a week to complete the course, depending on existing knowledge levels.

Is this a free electronic skills course?

The course is free of charge. However, you may need to pay your own transport costs and other associated expenses to attend the in-person practical workshops, which will be held in guest venues across England with flexible timing for participants.  If you are on a low income or unemployed, financial support for travel/overnight accommodation may be available.  Please indicate this on application.

Applicants that successfully complete the course may be invited to interview by a regional electronics or electech business.

Could this be the unique electronics training opportunity you are looking for?

If you are looking to upskill and start or further a career in electronics, we would love to talk to you about your ambitions. Together, we can discuss whether the course would meet your requirements and answer any questions which you may have.

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