Let’s Get Signed Up !

The form below consists of a few simple questions and is to help us assess your current practical or technical ability and how you would fit a potential role in the sector. Please complete the answers to the questions as fully as possible however there is also an opportunity to upload extra information such as a CV if available. Don’t worry if you can’t answer some of the questions or are unsure – please just try your best ! Answers will be held in the strictest of confidence.

NOTE: Enrolment for our first Electronic Skills Programme which started in January has now closed however if you would like to register your details we will add you to a list for a second potential cohort starting in Spring 2021.

    Question 1 - Personal Details

    All participants of this programme must be resident in Lancashire or Greater Manchester. If you are not sure this is the case please check Q1 on our FAQ pages here (will open a new window so you can continue here later). Please tick the box below only if you reside in Lancashire or Greater Manchester.

    Question 2 - What area of Electronics Manufacturing or Design are you interested in?

    Area of Interest:

    It is important that you understand the different work areas in the industry. Here is a summary:

    • Production Operative - Entry level role assembling PCBs and systems
    • Production Technician - More experienced role testing PCBs and systems
    • Design Engineer - Advanced role designing circuits and PCBs
    • Embedded Software - Experienced role developing custom software for production or design use
    • Other - You have another role in mind not listed - please add in comments below
    • Not Sure - We will help you find a suitable role for your skills

    Question 3 - Have you had any work experience in a practical/technical role?

    How many year of practical or technical experience do you have?

    What was this role and describe the day to day tasks you performed

    Question 4 - What is your highest level of formal education?

    In order to ensure you get the most suitable support on the programme we need to understand at what level of formal education you have gained. If you are not sure please check Gov.uk/what-different-qualification-levels-mean (will open a new window). Some example ones are listed below however please check if unsure:

    • No Qualifications - no qualifications but possible other experience
    • Entry Level - entry level award, Skills For Life
    • Level 1 - GCSE/O-Level - grades 3,2,1 or grades D,E,F,G
    • Level 2 - GCSE/O-Level - grades 9,8,7,6,5,4 or grades A*,A,B,C
    • Level 3 - A-Level, level 3 NVQ, level 3 diploma, BTEC, Advanced Apprenticeship
    • Level 4 or above - HNC, level 4 NVQ, Degree

    Question 5 - What are your top three relevant skills and strengths?

    Please tick your best three skills or strengths. Please chose carefully as we will ask you further questions on your choices:

    Question 6 - What do you want to achieve from this course? How does it fit into your career plans?

    Please attempt to explain in as much detail as possible as this will be used as an important piece of information to assess the application.

    Question 7 - What is your employment status?

    The following questions are required by the UK Government to measure the success of the programme.

    What is your employment status?

    If you are in paid employment:

    Who is your current employer?

    What is your job title?

    Question 7 - Equality and Diversity Monitoring

    The following information is required by the UK Government to ensure accessibility to all of this programme. More information on ethnicity groups can be found at Gov.UK here.

    (You can scroll down in the box below and hold down "Ctrl" key and click to select multiple lines if appropriate)

    Question 8 - Additional Information

    If you would like to provide additional information please upload your CV, 2 pages maximum

    (Upload File must be PDF or DOCX format and 2MB maximum size)

    Click next to upload file

    Last Step !

    You are about to submit your application. On receipt we will evaluate your submission and confirm by email and/or SMS that you have been successfully enroled on the programme. To complete the submission, please read the information regarding data protection below, if you agree check the box and submit.

    Data Protection - Tech Lancaster are registered with the ICO for Data Protection and GDPR Purposes. Data will be securely held and processed in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. Your personal data will only be processed by Tech Lancaster Limited for the purposes of administering this training programme which includes reporting statistics to Greater Manchester Combined Authority, Lancashire County Council and UK Department for Culture Media and Sport. No personal information will be past onto 3rd parties including the consortium members or associated companies

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