Pre-Enrol for our next available Electech Skills Bootcamp!

    Enrolment has now completed for our January 2024 start, however if you would like to pre-enrol for our next Skills Bootcamp to be first in the queue please complete your details below!

    Tech Lancaster are currently pre-enroling for our next FREE, 12 week intensive Skills Bootcamp courses which will start later in 2024. Bootcamp courses will have both online learning elements and practical workshop activities that will be undertaken across England. There are also options for virtual only courses for participants with travel restrictions.

    On completion of the course you will get a GUARANTEED interview with an appropriate employer in your region. You can learn more about our Skills Bootcamp Programme and Enrolment Dates here

    Why do I need to complete this form and what information will I need?

    In order to be admitted to this course as a participant, we need to understand your circumstances and background. Please take a little bit of time to answer the following questions to the best of your ability. There are 10 groups of questions and it should take between 10-20 minutes to complete the application. You may need to prepare some documents/photos to upload in advance.

    • You will need to provide us with some basic details about you, your current level of education/skill and your aspirations for a new role in electech.

    • You can optionally upload a CV (PDF format) to help us further help us understand your abilities.

    • We also need to verify your identify - please upload a photo (JPG format) of a UK Government document showing your name and your National Insurance (NI) number. Find out more where you can find your NI number here - which will be a group of letters and digits - for example "QQ 12 34 56 A". We need this and others information to create or update Skills Bootcamp attendance records for UK Government so we need to ensure information is accurate. To learn more about how your data is used and processed please view our privacy notice.

    Am I eligible to join this bootcamp?

    All participants of this programme must be resident in England, have lived in the UK for the past 3 years, be aged 19 or over, and must not have enroled on another UK Government Skills Bootcamp since April 2023. Learn more on our Frequently Asked Questions page.There are some residency exemptions for refugee and asylum status or similar - please see here for full details, however please get in touch if unsure.

    Is this application scored?

    If the course is oversubscribed we will rank candidates using a variety of factors, including people’s enthusiasm and out of the box thinking. Do not worry if you are missing qualifications or are genuinely unsure of the questions - we are focused on treating each candidate as an individual and understanding their entire background - but please make any uncertainties clear in your answers.

    Note: If you would rather complete this with assistance (e.g. due to special educational needs, a disability that makes completing this form difficult, or language/translation needs), please get in touch via our contact us page and extra support/guidance will be provided

    Learner Pledge

    Before you enrol on this course please consider the commitment that is required to make the most of our training programme. Places on our Skills Bootcamps are limited, and to give everyone an opportunity to make the most of them we ask that you agree to our Tech Lancaster Learner Pledge:

    • You will commit to a minimum course total of 60 guided learning hours. This will include 2.5 hours per week for 8 weeks via online virtual group tuition that runs in the evening from 6pm to 8.30pm (20 hours) and one full week of in-person group tuition (40 hours).

    • You will be self motivated and work independently, committing to a minimum total of 30 hours of additional self-driven learning (2.5 hours per week) with our online platform, provided tools and background learning/reading (help available from the Tech Lancaster support team and community).

    • You will show commitment to transition or improve your career within the electronics sector by developing skills, career plans and interview skills with the assistance of Tech Lancaster.

    • You will promptly reply to Tech Lancaster if we contact you, including after the course completes for a period of 6 months to help us understand learning and job outcomes.

    In return, Tech Lancaster recognises that learning new skills and improving existing skills can be hard and reassures you that with enthusiasm and hard work we will guide you through this course to a positive outcome. If you are not sure you can commit to our Learner Pledge please contact us first to discuss your situation.

    I agree to the Learner Pledge

    Once you have agreed to the Learner Pledge you can Click Next to continue with enrolment.

    Service Update: Some applicants are experiencing issues when trying to apply using older mobile phone web browsers. If you experience difficulty please use a modern desktop computer if available or alternatively take a screenshot/photo of the issue and send to

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    Question 1 - Personal Details

    Fields marked with * are mandatory

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    Question 2 - Area of Interest

    Please tell us the type of job in electech you would feel comfortable doing or would like to progress to. If you have particular aspirations not listed please enter them in the comments box below. Here is a summary of example roles and further information can be found here:

    • Production Operative - Entry level role assembling PCBs and systems

    • Production Technician - More experienced role testing PCBs and systems

    • Design Engineer - Advanced role designing circuits and PCBs

    • Embedded Software - Experienced role developing custom software for production or design use

    • Other - You have another role in mind not listed - please add in comments below

    • Not Sure - We will help you find a suitable role for your skills

    Job Role Interest:

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    Question 3 - Have you had any work experience in a practical or a technical role?

    How many years of practical or technical experience do you have?

    If you have prior practical or technical experience, what was this role and the daily tasks you performed? (minimum 25 characters)

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    Question 4 - What is your highest level of formal education?

    To comfortably undertake this Skills Bootcamp participants will need a good understanding of English, Maths and have confident computing skills. Qualifications are not essential but we recommend you have at least a grade 4/C or equivalent ability "learned by experience" in both Maths and English. If you are unsure of your ability or need examples of what qualifies as grade 4/C please let us know in the "Other Comments" box below and we will contact you after enrollment. We may also be able to signpost to free extra training for participants who need skills topping-up.

    If you are not fluent in English, or your qualifications do not easily compare to UK equivalents, please notify us in the "Other Comments" box below or contact us for guidance.

    To ensure you get the most suitable support on the programme we need to understand what level of formal education you have gained, please select your highest level of qualification (in any subject):

    • No Qualifications - no qualifications but possible other experience

    • Entry Level - entry level award, Skills For Life

    • Level 1 - GCSE/O-Level - grades 3,2,1 or grades D,E,F,G

    • Level 2 - GCSE/O-Level - grades 9,8,7,6,5,4 or grades A*,A,B,C

    • Level 3 - A-Level, level 3 NVQ, level 3 diploma, BTEC Diploma, Advanced Apprenticeship

    • Level 4 - HNC, Certificate of Higher Education

    • Level 5 - HND, Foundation Degree

    • Level 6 - Bachelors Degree, Graduate Qualification

    • Level 7 - Masters Degree, Postgraduate Qualification

    • Level 8 - Doctorate, PhD

    • Other qualification, level not known

    • Not known

    Please confirm:

    Please tell us as best you can the highest qualification you have attained

    If you have a Level 6 qualification (e.g. degree) or higher, please select which subject this is in:

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    Question 5 - What are your top three relevant skills and strengths?

    Please tick your best three skills or strengths. Please choose carefully as we will ask you further questions on your choices:

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    Question 6a - Why do you want to do this course?

    Please attempt to explain in as much detail as possible (minimum 15 characters)

    Question 6b - How does this course fit into your career plans or next steps into employment?

    Please attempt to explain in as much detail as possible (minimum 15 characters)
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    Question 7 - What is your employment status?

    The following questions are required by the UK Government to measure the success of the programme and to allow entry to the course. This information will be anonymised and securely held in strictest of confidence. If you cannot give this information please contact us and explain why.

    *What is your employment status?

    If you are a student:
    What is the name of your college/university and what year are you expecting to graduate?

    If you are a oversea student:
    What is your visa status/type?

    If you are in paid employment:
    What is the name of your current employer?

    What is your workplace postcode?

    What is your job title?

    What is the industry or sector of your current occupation?

    *Current Hours Worked per week? If you are unemployed, please enter 0

    *What is your current salary? (please specify if hourly, weekly, monthly or yearly rate). If you are unemployed, please enter 0

    Are you attending this Bootcamp via your current employer?

    Do you plan to work alongside the Bootcamp?

    *Do you currently receive Universal Credit?

    Universal Credit is a payment to help with your living costs. and replaces the following benefits, Child Tax Credit (Not Child Benefit), Housing Benefit, Income Support, income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA), income-related Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) and Working Tax Credit.

    *What is your National Insurance (NI) Number?
    If you cannot supply this, please explain in the comment box why. If you are not sure how to find your NI number please visit the UK.Gov site here

    Please Upload a UK Government Document containing your Name and National Insurance (NI) Number. Please note passports and driving licenses can not be accepted as they do not contain your National Insurance Number. If you are an Asylum seeker without a NI Number please upload a copy of your ARC card.

    (Upload File must be PDF / JPG or PNG and 2MB maximum size)

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    Question 8 - Equality and Diversity Monitoring

    The following information is required by the UK Government to ensure accessibility to all of this programme. More information on ethnicity groups can be found at Gov.UK here.

    If you identified a disability, learning difficulty and/or health condition, do you think these could impact your learning:

    If you answered the question above, please identify which disabilities, learning difficulties and/or health conditions are formally diagnosed, stating which ones you are currently receiving support for:

    If you have a need for support and would benefit from a confidential interview to clarify answers in this form, please tick this box:
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    Question 9 - Additional Information

    Other Details:

    Note: if you need extra help with travel costs for in-person events and workshops, UK Gov (DWP) are available to assist (eligibility restrictions apply). Please discuss directly with your local DWP office/jobcenter - click here for more information.

    Do you have any suggestions about how we could improve the application process?

    Practical Locations for the IPC/Soldering workshop element of the course will be arranged based on participant locations, therefore currently we are unable to provide exact details for the workshop sessions. If you are unable to travel, there are virtual only options available for the practical week. *Could you please indicate a preference for the practical workshop location?

    If you would like to provide additional information via a CV to help us understand your past experience and skillset further, please upload below (3 pages max).

    (Upload File must be PDF and 2MB maximum size)

    Click next to upload file[cf7mls_step cf7mls_step-10 "Back" "Next" ""]

    Last Step!

    You are about to submit your application. On receipt we will evaluate your submission, confirm eligibility and confirm by email and/or SMS the next steps to complete enrolment. To complete the submission, please read the information regarding data protection below, if you agree check the box and submit.

    Data Protection - Tech Lancaster is registered with the UK Information Commissioner's Office for Data Protection (#ZA781759) and GDPR Purposes. Data will be securely held and processed in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. Your personal data will only be processed by Tech Lancaster Limited and its subcontractors for the purposes of operating and administering this training programme which includes reporting statistics to Local Councils and UK Department for Education to help them understand the impact of this programme. Information is not passed onto any other 3rd parties under any circumstances. Limited information will be shared with employers for the purposes of evaluating participants for interview with your consent. For further information on privacy and data collection please view our Statement.

    I wish to share my personal information with Tech Lancaster and agree to the terms above.

    Once you click submit, you should receive a confirmation email within a few minutes. If this fails to arrive, please contact us via

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