What different jobs are there within the electronics sector?

Are you considering different job roles in electronics and wondering which one is right for you? With 1,000,000+ people employed in tens of thousands of companies, the UK’s electronic sector certainly has lots of choices to offer! 

Careers in electronics can vary across a number of different areas and disciplines – from process control, technicians, and highly skilled assembly specialists to design engineers working in research and development (R&D), creating new products often using computer aided design (CAD) and rapid prototyping (such as 3D printing). Common across all roles is applying structured logical thinking to problems, and working both in a team and sometimes individually.

The electronics careers’ list is extensive. You can end up working creating a variety of products including computer systems, navigational systems or communications equipment, as well as battery powered technology for consumer markets for example.

As providers of a free Electronic Skills training which can really unlock doors, we understand it can be confusing. On completion of our course, participants will be skill-ready for employment options and careers such as electronics production operatives, electronics technicians and electronics design engineers.

Below are a number of people who have jobs within the Tech Lancaster industry consortia companies who support our activities. They have kindly volunteered to share their story of how they came to find a job in the electronics industry and what they do on a day to day basis today. We hope you enjoy reading about their roles and hope you find an area that interests you!

Matt Humphries - Like Technologies - Design Engineer

“Growing up, I was always building either Lego, Meccano or Airfix. This fostered a fascination with technology and within that, electronics. This was reinforced when starting work with Like Technologies. I really enjoy my job and always feel trusted and appreciated. I get to do what I enjoy every day, in a great environment full of variety. I’m always working within my own interests, so there’s never a boring moment!”

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Don Parker - Milliamp Technologies - Design Engineer

“As a Design Engineer at Milliamp Technologies, I have had the opportunity to research and develop ideas for new products and systems and improve existing designs for both Milliamp’s external customers and a number of internal projects some of which are very interesting in crazy ways.

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Julie S - NHT Electronics - Production Assembly Operative

“My job at NHT is really varied and that is one of the reasons I like it, there is no such thing as an average day.  The main types of activities that I do are soldering through hole components onto circuit boards and rework if there are shorts in circuits.

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George Paddon - OTAQ - Production Manager

“At OTAQ, the Production Manager is responsible for all aspects of a product’s lifecycle – from components & assembly, to delivery, and then its return for repair and/or upgrade.

A day starts with the sales orders or installation schedule. A job (the paperwork records) must be created for each of these schedules. It is then my responsibility to make sure the Production staff are clear on the jobs to do and their priority, and to ensure time is allocated to each job.

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