Learn New Skills in ElecTech & Electronics

The focus of our organisation is facilitating flexible, accessible learning for programme participants. To do this we undertake learning in a number of different ways that can suit individual circumstances and abilities.

Learning e-Portal

Tech Lancaster has developed an in-house a bespoke online training platform based on edX from MIT.

With multimedia content written and checked by our technical team, coupled with the flexibility of a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course), this new way of learning online allows us to rapidly develop and deploy training in an agile way.

Knowledge underpins the electronics and ElecTech sectors and this online resource allows participants to always have a source of know-how nearby.

The platform allows self-paced learning for participants, with online content, helpdesk support and chat forums to discuss any questions with peers or tutors.

Our platform is available to access at learn.tech-lancaster.org.uk

IPC Certification

Some of our programmes include both virtual and workshop based training and certification from IPC, the global organisation that regulates workmanship standards in the electronics sector around the world. This includes JSTD-001, IPC610 and IPC7711 certification.

Training and certification is undertaken by industry specialists, with high quality tuition resulting in the awarding of certifications that are used around the world by organisations such as NASA and SpaceX.

Guided Lab/Workshop Sessions

In addition to online e-learning, we also have a number of practical lab/workshop sessions which are operating either in person or via video conference on Google Meet. Our tutors work through pre-prepared content from our online platform and deliver this in small groups in an interactive and friendly manner.