Case Study

Matt Humphries Like Technologies Design Engineer

Below Matt tells us about his journey from a UCLan graduate to working for Like Technologies as a Design Engineer helping provide the technical expertise to customers such as EDF Energy who operate a fleet of nuclear power stations in the UK and other similar customers – helping keep the lights on in the UK.

Matt graduated from the University of Central Lancashire, in Preston, with a first-class Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Electronic Engineering degree in June 2020. The degree course, combined with practical experience gained through working with Like Technologies, has equipped him with the skills and confidence to succeed as a graduate in the industry.

Matt joined Like Technologies in December 2016 for temporary work experience but due to his aptitude, work ethic and desire to learn, he was offered a permanent employment contract which worked around his studies. He is currently employed as a full-time electrical and electronic engineer and was happy to answer the questions below, regarding his career path.

How has working for Like Technologies aided or expanded on your academic achievements?

“I initially came to Like Technologies for work experience, so I was overwhelmed when they offered to help fund my degree at UCLAN, alongside a proper employment contract. This set me off to a flying start, meaning that I could go straight in with more practical knowledge than anyone else on my course. For example, I made a circuit on a ‘breadboard’ and managed to have it working far faster than my fellow students, all due to my workplace experience. Even when I hit a difficult spot in my studies, I knew I could rely on my work colleagues for support.”

Do you feel you have gained valuable skills during your time here?

“I’ve definitely gained a lot of valuable skills, which have helped enormously with my degree and continue to support my future career. As well as technical skills, I also have an insight into how the industry works and what to expect in years to come. I’ve gained experience outside of electronics too – I’ve been able to learn about software coding, for example, with real-world applications. The training I have received has been brilliant and has really given me a fantastic kick start to my career!”

What do you think are the benefits of working within a small business such as Like Technologies?

“I feel more valued and appreciated within the company; it’s like I belong to a community rather than just being an employee. There’s an excellent environment full of friendly and supportive people. You can have a laugh too – but when we need to be serious, we’re really focused. It definitely feels like a team effort. Plus, working in a small business means you don’t get stuck in a single role. There’s lots of variety and you get all kinds of different experiences.”

What inspired you to work in the electronics industry and what is the best thing about your job?

“Growing up, I was always building either Lego, Meccano or Airfix. This fostered a fascination with technology and within that, electronics. This was reinforced when starting work with Like Technologies. I really enjoy my job and always feel trusted and appreciated. I get to do what I enjoy every day, in a great environment full of variety. I’m always working within my own interests, so there’s never a boring moment!”

How would you sum up your experience at Like Technologies so far?

“I’m really glad I came to Like Technologies for work experience. I’ve gained so much hands-on industry experience, leading to a first-class qualification and great career progression. I’ve enjoyed every day I’ve been here!”