You may have wondered why our blog has been quiet over the last couple of months. We have been focusing all our energy on our Skills Bootcamp courses.

Our 12 week course includes one week of certified IPC training with 163 passes within the last 6 months!

Working with our IPC Training partner ETECH Training we have issued an unprecedented number of IPC certifications in acceptability of electronic circuits (IPC-A-610), Requirements for soldered assemblies (IPC-J-STD-001) and Rework, modification and repair of electronic assemblies (IPC7711/7722), which is a step change in the UK for upskilling and transitioning people to the electronics sector.

Our innovative training programme allows access to high quality training and industry recognised certifications for people seeking to change careers, through the fully funded DfE Skills Bootcamp Programme, an opportunity not usually available to career changers.

If you are an employer in the electronics industry looking to upskill your workforce or recruit IPC certified technicians or an individual looking to transition to the electronics sector please get in touch.