Connect with Fresh Electech Talent

Tech Lancaster is an innovative intensive Skills Bootcamp operating across England that aims to help engage, upskill and connect new workforce talent to the electech, electronics and tech engineering industries across England. As part of the UK Government Skills for Life programme, our participant connect services are entirely free to prospective employers looking for new employees.

In order for us to fully assess your needs, and to learn how to join as an Employer Support please complete this brief form here to register your interest 

Whilst Tech Lancaster initially was founded with the aim of supporting the sector around Lancaster in north west England, we have now expanded our activities to include all corners of the country – from Cumbria to Cornwall – to help our domestic electech industry rapidly grow to meet demand and counter the global skills shortage.

Our participants have undertaken a 12-week intensive bootcamp in electronics/electech and are keen to start a new career in a variety of areas dependant on their ability and interests – from manufacturing operatives, to production engineering and design technicians, as well as non-technical support roles.

Our bootcamp was created by industry, for industry, and we continue to be guided by our industry founders who have decades of technical experience and knowledge of what makes a great electech workforce.

What Learning and Skills have Participants Gained ?

During the bootcamp, participants have undertaken a variety of learning – from our online learning platform covering industry basics, foundation electronics theory, and manufacturing know-how, to practical workshop and labs programming (Arduino) and globally recognised skills in PCB assembly, inspection and repair/rework (IPC 610/JSTD/7711 etc)

On completing the bootcamp they all leave as confident, new members of the electech industry, with technical skills , a practical can-do attitude, and some globally and nationally recognised qualifications (IPC and UK level 3 Skills Bootcamp qualification potentially counting as prior learning towards relevant apprenticeships to get a head start).

How Can I Get Involved and Get Talking to new Talent?

Tech Lancaster is continually looking for new Employer Supporters to join our list of interested companies who regularly hear about our activities and receive tailored skills info and CVs of participants who complete our Skills Bootcamps. We aim to bring employers together with relevant participants to hopefully help them into a new career in electech, electronics and similar tech industries.

In order for us to fully assess your needs, please complete the brief Employer Survey here to register your interest and we will be back in contact shortly to discuss your needs and help you learn about our bootcamp electech talent closest to you ! And most of all, as part of the UK Government Skills for Life programme, this service is completely FREE.